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MalyanBoard is a 3D Printer Control Board designed for Malyan 3D Printer. It adapts ATMEGA as the master control chip. MalyanBoard provides stable and excellent performance while reducing the difficulty of development and supports dual extruders. With the control software for dual-extrusion, it can realize double color printing to make printed items more attractive. Features:

  1. Supports dual extruders.
  2. Adopts professional thermocouple temperature measurement chip, to ensure accurate temperature measurement.
  3. Compact in size, with stable DC-DC power converter.
  4. Use active cooling in the printing process to make sure the printed items can form better.

PCB Version 1 for M180

First version of motherboard is preinstalled in first generation W-series(W150/W200).

PCB Ver. 1

PCB Ver. 1

PCB Version 2 for M180

Version 2 is used in second generation M-series(M180/M300). Ver. 2 is compatible to Ver. 1 by

PCB Ver. 2

PCB Ver. 2

Firmware update procedure

Firmware updater usage:

  1. Power off printer.
  2. Press center button on panel.
  3. Power up printer, please keep center button pressed.
  4. Look up COM port from windows device manager. Type below command into windows console(Require administrator privilage): update.exe -P COM4
  5. Reboot printer if necessary.

Force update

To force update or enter bootloader mode, jump port J1 on mega2560 to GND.

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