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!! NOTE: If you are using latest firmware, Makerware 3.7 is NO LONGER need to patch. Please update firmware to latest and reinstall Makerware 3.7 !!

Latest Makerware (3.8)

Same as Makerware 3.7, if found problem please report to support email.

Makerware 3.7

Latest Makerware change start gcode. There is two solutions to make M180 compatible to Replicator Dual:

!!NOTE: New machine come with latest Makerware 3.7 compatible firmware. !!

1. Patch solution: Download patch for latest Makerware (3.7). Unzip file and overwrite Makerware program files. Remember reboot to take affect of the modification.

2. Firmware solution: Latest M180 (after Aug-2015) support X3G generated by Makerware 3.7. If you purchase M180 before this date, please update firmware using this link. Firmware update procedure

Earlier Makerware

Makerware is supported for Malyan 3D Printer. If print through SD card, please select “Replicator Dual” profile. If print through USB, additional USB driver and patch is required.

===== USB Driver and patch for USB ===== Please download driver and patch for Makerware

==== Windows ====

=== Special thanks to 3d-ua for his perfect work! ===

Download the version from makerBot & replace the files with patched ones

==== MacOSX ==== Please reference to: Support for MacOSX

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