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Corner ringing


At higher print speeds, when the XY motion of the build platform or extruder makes a sudden change in direction, a ringing vibration may occur. Although it is quickly dampened, it nonetheless impacts surface finish. Corner ringing is particularly noticeable on long, flat surfaces and appears as ripples which rapidly diminish in amplitude. Like infill telegraphing, this can occur with non-accelerated printing as well as accelerated printing. The advantage of accelerated printing is that acceleration can be used to mitigate the issue while still attaining high print speeds away from corners: lower the maximum X and Y speed change values, the maximum X and Y accelerations, or a combination of the two. For non-accelerated printing, the only recourse is to print the entire model at slower speeds.


Reduce acceleration can reduce corner ring.

In ReplicatorG, check “Update Machine Options”(Machine → Onboard Preferences).

Reduce maximum X/Y speed change values and accelerations in “Acceleration” Tab:

Please note, this setting will update machine's eeprom, machine will automatically reboot and all changes will be preserve.

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